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Saturday's Promo # 3

Play of the Day

Scott Delaney - Winning Day # 11 of 12

$10 bettors up $5,080 the past 11 days

Biggest Release of the MLB Season

100 Dime Release
of the MLB Season

MLB Mismatch of the Year

79-55-2 Run with 100 Dimers
over the past 4 years in all sports

Bigger than his 80 Dime WInners the past two nights
Baltimore over Tampa on Friday and
Boston over Texas on Thursday -
each of which you got as the Half Price Play of the Day 

Stronger than Wednesday's 60 Dimer on the Warriors
a winner you got for Half Price -
and Tuesday's on the Cavs-Hawks Over
a winner you got for $9 -

Bigger than last Saturday's 60 Dimer on Golden State in Game 3

$10 bettors are up $38,320 with Scott's plays
rated 50 Dimes or higher over the past four years in all sports

Use Coupon Code: Scott

Saturday's Promo # 3

SAVE $90

Trace Adams - Biggest NHL Release - Winning Day # 7 of 9

Raise the Bar 1500* Lock - Blackhawks-Ducks Side

Bigger than his Top-Rated 1000* Winner # 7 of 10
on the Rangers/Lightning Under
a winner you got as the $5 Play of the Day -

Use Coupon Code: Puck

Saturday's Promo # 4

SAVE $77

Gabriel DuPont - Winning Day # 28 of 39

Cheap Chalk Game of the Year

Goes Saturday Night - Still Available

Biggest Release So Far This Season

$10 bettors have won $20,735 since Thanksgiving
- and $14,385 this calendar year already -

Use Coupon Code: Gabe22

$10 Bettors have made $29,020 following Gabe's plays
rated 50 Dimes or higher

That Means You Get the Play for Just $22

Important Note

If any of the handicappers mentioned above are NOT at this site, 
simply contact Customer Service and they will tell you where to find them


$10 Bettors have made $14,385 this year in all sports

$10 Bettors have made $20,735 since Thanksgiving

$10 Bettors have made $29,020 with games 50 Dimes or higher


Get Ready for Winning Day #28 of 39

Biggest Release of the Season

Cheap Chalk Game of the Year

The best favorite on the card - Going Saturday Night


Stronger than Friday

N.L. Game of the Month

St. Louis 3-0 over LA

Stronger than my recent 50 Dime Winners

Under Boston-Texas on Thursday
which you got for just $7.77, a savings of $70

NY Yankees over Kansas City on Wedesday
- - -  plus  - - -
Cleveland-Atlanta Over Sunday night
and Golden State/Houston Over on Friday
- each of which you got for just $9 -


$10 Bettors have made $7,910 in all sports the past 38 days
Winning Day # 7 of 9

Biggest Ice Release Ever

Raise the Bar 1500♦ Western Finals Lock - Chicago-Anaheim

50% larger than last night's 1000♦ Winner - Tampa Bay-N.Y. Rangers Under

You got it as The $5 Play of the Day

Also 50% bigger than Friday's 1000♦ Winner - Pirates-Padres OVER the total.

Three times larger than Wednesday's 500♦ Chicago-Anaheim OVER the total.

Plus, 500♦ Pay-After N.L. Best Bet - Washington-Cincinnati

Must win, or you will NOT be charged!

In Trace we Trust!

-  $10 bettor up $9,440 since April 2014 -

Late Night Money Move

Yankees vs. A's

Last chance at some Saturday cash

$10 baseball bettors have won $7,240 the past two seasons

Winning Day # 7 of 9

I.L. Best Bet

Kansas City-Cubs

Bigger than my back-to-back 40 Dime Winners

Cards blanking Dodgers last night
Indians over Mariners Thursday

$10 bettors are up $3,310 the past 34 days


$10 MLB bettors have netted $11,230 the past three seasons

Winning Day #27 of 42

$1 bettors are up $3,740
spanning the past 41 days

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

200♦ Value Chalk

Lay the price with this
E-Z favorite on the diamond

Winning Day # 18 of 29

Bankroll Builder


50% larger than last night's
30 Dime Winner
Arizona +115 over Milwaukee


As former President of Fantasy,

there's NO ONE in this industry that follows pro & college sports like me.


- A $10 bettor has won $9,960 in the NFL since the 2011 season -

and I've won 5 of 7 title game releases - 

Use my experience and knowledge to make you a winner!


3-0 Sweep on Tuesday (Cavs, Tigers, Red Sox).

Another NBA winner on Wednesday with the Warriors.

A baseball winner on Thursday with the Pirates

2-0 Sweep on Friday with the Cards and A's

Saturday's free picks on the Mariners-Indians & Angels-Tigers

Charity Play of the Week 
Wins Again Monday for a 9th Time in 13 Weeks

Time to Make a Donation

You got my 15 Dime Best Bet on the Pirates 
- a $99 pick -
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