$10 Bettors have made $8,150 the last 12 Days

2nd Biggest Release of the Entire Season
Goes Again

100 DIME
College Basketball
Winner # 28 of 42
( - and 16 of 23 this year - )

Second Round Game of the Year

Off the late card (available til 5 minutes before tip)

Fresh off the 9th Ever 200 Dime College Play of my Career
College of Charleston covering vs. Auburn on Friday -
that you got for Over Half Price Off

27-14 Roll with 100 Dime College Hoop Releases including
Stephen F. Austin (+11) vs. Texas Tech on Thursday -
St. Mary's (-15) over SE Louisiana by 44 on Wednesday -
Georgia (-2') over Vanderbilt by 16 two Wednesdays back -
- Gonzaga (-9') over BYU by 20 two Tuesdays back -
- Cal Santa Barbara (-12') by 25 over Cal Poly two Saturdays back -
and this play is TWICE as powerful 

$10 bettors have won $15,945 in college hoops
since I joined the site on January 28, 2017

- College Hoops Winner # 35 of 57 -

Winning Day # 11 of 14

First Ever
200 DIME
Double Your Wager
Hoops Play of my Career

Tournament Shocker of my Career

Game has not started yet

TWICE as big as my 100 Dime Winner on
Buffalo (+8) outright over Arizona on Thursday

I've NEVER had a 200 Dimer in basketball since
joining this since in June of 2009!

BIGGER THAN my 80 Dime Winner
LSU (-4) by 8 over UL-Lafayette on Wednesday

BIGGER THAN my 80 Dime Winner
Middle Tennessee State (-6) by 27 over Vermont on Tuesday

BIGGER THAN my 80 Dime Winner
South Florida (+9) covering vs. Memphis last Thursday

BIGGER THAN my 60 Dime Winner
Milwaukee (-7') over Memphis on Monday

BIGGER THAN my 60 Dime Winner
Kentucky (+2) over Tennessee last Sunday

- Overall Hoops Winner # 48 of 79 -

$10 Bettor up $6,425 last 54 Days
despite last night's 100 Dime Loser on New Mexico State

Winning Day # 44 of 67
(and # 29 of 41)

$10 bettors are up $22,440 the past 66 Days

200 DIME
College Basketball Play of his Career

2nd-Round Tournament Game of the Year

Goes on the Night Card - Has Not Started Yet

MATCHES my 200 Dimer on Loyola-Chicago over Miami on Thursday

MATCHES my 200 Dimer on Georgia State over UT Arlington on Sunday

MATCHES my 200 Dimer on New Mexico over Utah State on Friday

MATCHES my 200 Dimer on San Diego State over Nevada on March 3

MATCHES my 200 Dimer on Drake over Northern Iowa on February 10

MATCHES my 200 Dimer on Virginia over Florida State on February 7


Twice as strong as Wednesday night's 100 Dimer Winner # 12 of 16
- Stanford over BYU -

Twice as strong as Monday's 100 Dimer Winner # 11 of 15
- San Diego over Hartford -

Twice as strong as last night's 100 Dimer Winner # 10 of 14
- Virginia over North Carolina -

Twice as strong as Thursday's 100 Dimer Winner # 9 of 13
- Richmond over Duquesne -


100 Dime Winner # 13 of 17 falls short with New Mexico State

2nd Biggest College Play of My Career SCORES!

100 DIME
Big Dance 1st-Round Lock # 2 in a Row

Marshall (+12) OUTRIGHT over Wichita State 81-75

You Paid $39 - You Saved $60

$10 bettors up $4,300 the past 10 Days

Matches Thursday's 100 Dimer on Duke over Iona

Matches Monday's 100 Dimer on Portland over Miami

Matches last Friday's 100 Dimer on Villanova over Butler

Matches last Thursday's 100 Dimer on Duke over Notre Dame

Nailed the 6th Ever 150 Dime College Hoops Play of my Career on
College of Charleston over Northeastern last Wednesday

Roll with ALL plays
rated 100 Dimes or Higher

Matches my 100 Dime Super Bowl Winner on the Eagles

Winning Day # 23 of 36, & 8th of last 10

(at $1 bet per unit, you are still up $13,450 last 35 Days!)

2nd Biggest College Release This Year

2000♦ Double-Your-Wager Winner # 12 of 16, & 6th in a Row - Linemakers Errior Game of the Year - On line until 5 minutes before tip-off.

BIGGER than last night's 1500♦ Winner - College of Charleston covering vs. Auburn.

Matches my 5 straight 2000♦ Winners!

2000♦ Syracuse outright over Arizona State on Wednesday.

2000♦ Kentucky outright over Tennessee last Sunday.

2000♦ Davidson by a dozen over St. Bonaventure last Saturday.

2000♦ Kentucky cruising past Georgia last Friday.

2000♦ UCF over East Carolina last last Thursday.

Plus, 500♦ Pay-After-You-Win - Winner # 20 of 32

Returns on Sunday.

Must win, or you will NOT be charged.

In Trace we Trust!

Winning Day # 244 of 462 (and 18 of 31) - FAILS

100 DIME
Big Dance Lock

Loser - North Carolina

Twice as strong as Thursday's
50 Dimer on Michigan over Montana

75-49-4 Roll with 100 Dimers in the NFL
and this play is just as strong

Now 461-404 Best Bet Roll in all sports

60 Dime
Western Conference
Game of the Month

Minnesota - Arizona

My $10 bettors have made $7,480
with my NHL plays this season

My $10 bettors have made $16,255
with plays rated 50 Dimes or higher

300,000♦ Big Dance 1st Round
Total of the Year

Loser - North Carolina-Lipscomb Over

Matches my 300,000♦ College Bowl 
Total of the Year Winner on Oregon-Boise Over

Matches my 300,000♦ College Football
Regular Season Total of the Year on
Army-Navy Under by 17 Points 

NHL Winner # 25 of 38 - Did not happen

Winner # 16 of 26

Pacific Division Game of the Month

Calgary gets beat by San Jose

$10 bettors have won $10,830 the past two seasons


100 DIME
Max Wager Winner

Bankroll Builder Game of the Year

Penn State-Notre Dame

MATCHES Friday's 100 Dime Winner
Marshall (+12) outright over Wichita State

TWICE as BIG as Thursday's 50 Dime Winner
Alabama-Virginia Tech Over by 28 Points

Winning Day # 4 of 5

Winner # 6 of 8

2nd Round Rout

Goes Tonight

Matches last night's 75 Dime Winner
UMBC outright over Virginia by 20!

Matches Wednesday's 75 Dime Winner
Temple covering at Penn State

Matches Tuesday's 75 Dime Winner
Middle Tennessee State over Vermont by a million

Matches last Thursday's 75 Dime Winner
Duke over Notre Dame

Matches last Wednesday's 75 Dime Winner
Massachusetts over La Salle
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30 Days $999

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