I am a Charter Member of this site. Been here since the very beginning when they first launched back in 2005. But this is a grind. Day in, day out. No time off. No vacations. It takes a toll.

I never did this for the money. I did it because if was fun. But I needed a bit of a break. So back on Saturday, October 15, 2016, I decided to take some time off.

I said at the time I would most likely return at a later time after I recharged my batteries a bit.

Well, here I am, back once more, three months later.

Not everyday right yet, but easing my way in slowly.

What I have I done the past 3 months after spending nearly 12 years of doing this full-time, 365 days a year?

Spent 10 days in Aruba with my girlfriend. Traveled to Hawaii with some friends and went surfing for the first time in 15 years. Spent time with family over the holidays. 

And couldn't stop watching Sports Center or checking my I-Pad for scores every damn day.

You can't stop doing this cold turkey. Not when you love it.

Like I'm telling you something you didn't know.

- Jeff Benton

37-27-2 Big Dance Roll

+353.5 DIMES

A $10 bettor has cleared $3,530


108-80-2 Monday Night Run

30-15 Sunday Night Run (9-1 last ten)

Payment Types

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Jeff Benton's Rating System

My selections are rated on a 10 Dime to 100 Dime basis, usually going in 10 Dime increments.

Now, will I occasionally release something bigger than a 100 Dime play? Absolutely - if the situation warrants.

So, how does this all apply with money management basic? Good question. Read on:

No matter the sport, I play one "unit" per star rating that I release.  It is just that simple.

Now, you have to define what a unit is in relation to your personal bankroll. Perhaps one unit = one dollar. Maybe one unit = 10 cents. Whatever the case, you have to decide in order to effectively use a money management system in relation to the size of your bankroll.

Once again, you have to determine what a "unit" is worth to you. Then, using my rating system to see how strong my play is according to the dime rating.

With money management the bottom line is this. "Only wager what you can afford to lose."

Who is Jeff Benton?

I've been gambling my entire adult life. Understanding the mindset of coaches and players, and the situations they find themselves in daily, is the key to my success. That is what over a decade in this business will do for you. Make you understand the little things.


Look, you've got to realize something about athletes, both collegians and pros:  They don't give their all every single game. They just can't.  Whether it's a lookahead game, a letdown game, a travel situation or a dozen other scenarios, the situation often dictates a less than 100% effort. As a handicapper, you've got to be able to spot those mismatches - no matter the sport - and that's why I've got the winning edge.


Bottom line: My knowledge of the game is unmatched in this industry. To be a successful handicapper, not only must you know the game, but you must understand exactly what teams are trying to do, and know whether or not they will be able to do it.



Guys - give me a shot. I play my games everyday myself. I make money, and I will make you money as well.


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NFL - Conference Championships - Sunday, January 22, 2017
3:05 PM 311 Green Bay
312 Atlanta
6:40 PM 313 Pittsburgh
314 New England
NFL - Pro Bowl - Camping World Stadium - Orlando, FL - Sunday, January 29, 2017
8:00 PM 497
NFL - Super Bowl 51 - NRG Stadium - Houston, TX - Sunday, February 5, 2017
6:30 PM 101
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