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FYI - I had an unexpected second round of oral surgery earlier this week and subsequently won't be returning to do Video Reports until early this week. In the interim, you'll find my free picks in this space.

FREE PICK # 1 - Utah State (-14') at WYOMING

Do you get the feeling Utah State likes being the bully after being picked on for so many years?

Since opening the season with a seven-point loss at Michigan State, the Aggies have averaged 55.6 points and 505.6 yards while reeling off five straight wins. And their defense, which was pretty much non-existent in recent seasons, has allowed only 21 points and 348.2 yards in that stretch.

When you think of offensive juggernauts, Utah State isn't at the top of your list, yet the Aggies enter this game with the nation's No. 2 scoring offense (50.2 ppg) and that's the biggest reason they're a perfect 6-0 ATS.

Wyoming, on the other hand, can't find the end zone with a roadmap. The Cowboys, who average only 17.5 points and 282 yards a game, are ranked 126th among 129 FBS teams in offense this year as redshirt freshman quarterback Tyler Vander Wall (51 percent completions, 168 ypg, 3 TDs, 3 INTs, 19 sacks) has struggled to replace Josh Allen. 

No such issues at quarterback for Utah State, however, as Jordan Love is hitting at a 67-percent clip with 14 touchdowns and 1,557 yards through six games. This is a big revenge game for him personally as he was benched in last season's 28-23 loss at home - a game where Wyoming rallied by scoring the game's final 12 points - after throwing a season-high three interceptions. 

Wyoming is 1-5 (0-6 ATS) since its season-opening win at New Mexico State with that only victory by three at home versus Wofford. Not exactly inspiring, right? The Cowboys are fresh off road losses at Fresno State, 27-3, and Hawaii, 17-13, and in that game, the Rainbows were playing a freshman quarterback making his first start with Cole McDonald was sidelined with a knee injury. The Pokes' last home game resulted in a 34-14 loss to Boise State and a final around that margin wouldn't be a surprise today.

FREE PICK # 2 - Central Florida (-21') at EAST CAROLINA

UCF barely extended the nation's longest winning streak to 19 in a row by rallying from 16 down to win at Memphis last Saturday, 31-30. Something tells me the Knights will have an easier time today at East Carolina as the Pirates are coming off losses at home to Houston, 42-20, and the prior week at Temple, 49-6, games where their defense allowed a total of 876 yards.

Central Florida beat ECU 63-21 at home last season as a 35 1/2-point chalk, taking a 42-14 lead at halftime and never looking back with quarterback McKenzie Milton completing 20-of-27 passes for 324 yards and two touchdowns in only three quarters of work.

The Pirates are making a big change at quarterback in this game, giving freshman Holton Ahlers his first start after he directed two late scoring drives in the Houston loss last Saturday. Lot of pressure on the youngster, who set all kinds of records at Conley High School in Greenville and whose father is the public address announcer at East Carolina's Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium  Ahlers was recruited by a lot of big programs with even Alabama making a late push for his services, but he stayed local and this is a tough spot to make his debut against a Central Florida team coming off its worst defensive effort of the season.

Interesting way to look at this game: UCF is laying a big number, but it's actually a cheap price because if the Knights had played well at Memphis they would have easily been a 4-TD chalk in this game with a freshman starting for the Pirates.



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