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Saturday's Promo # 1

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Saturday's Promo # 2

Save $27 off the purchase of ANY Handicapper's Play or Package

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Saturday's Promo # 3

Biggest Play Ever - Any Sport

Al DeMarco - Winning Day # 60 of 103 (and 11 of 15)

17th Ever
College Football Release of my Career

Miami - Florida State

Matches my 16th Ever 30 Dimer in College Football
on Clemson over Ohio State in December's
College Football Playoff Semifinal game in the Fiesta Bowl

TWICE as big as my 15 Dime National Championship Winners on
 LSU over Clemson last year & Clemson over Alabama the year prior

151-114-9 with Top-Rated 15 Dimers in the NFL the past 8 seasons
following a 3-0 start after last Sunday's winner on the Ravens -
including my 4th Straight Super Bowl Winner on the Chiefs
and this play is TWICE as strong -

BIGGER than last night's Raise the Bar Winner # 21 of 33 (and 4 of 5)
on the A's (Run Line) 3-1 over Seattle

165-136-3 with Top-Rated 15 Dimers in the NBA since 2009 
and this play is TWICE as strong

12-4 Roll with Raise the Bar 20 Dimers in College Hoops
- this play is TWICE a strong

Use Coupon CodeHALF

Saturday's Promo # 4

Max Wager Winner # 5 of 6 This Week
Save $70 -

Scott Delaney

$10 bettors up $3,450 since last Saturday

100 DIME
SEC Game of the Month

Tennessee at South Carolina - 7:30 Eastern Kickoff

155-132-4 Roll
with 100 Dime Max Wagers in ALL Sports

TWICE AS STRONG as last Saturday's 50 Dimer on
Syracuse-Pitt Under by 16 1/2 Points

MATCHES Sunday's 100 Dimer on the Seahawks

MATCHES Monday's 100 Dimer on the Raiders

MATCHES Tuesday's 100 Dimer on the Cardinals

MATCHES Wednesday's 100 Dimer on the Braves (+125 Run Line)

You also got all of those Winners for Over Half Price Off -

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Saturday's Promo # 5

NBA Side - Winner # 9 of 11
- SAVE $70 AGAIN -

Steve Budin's Cali-Cartel - Winning Play # 9 of 11

Western Conference Final
Game 5 Lock

Lakers-Nuggets Side

73-55-3 Roll with 50 Dimers in the NBA
- following Wednesday's winner on the Heat-Celtics Over -
- and Friday's winner on Boston -

All NBA Playoff Crews have made
$10 bettors $8,175 over the past 6 postseasons

3-0 Sweep with NFL Totals This Season
all 50 Dimers you've gotten for Over Half Price Off -
and this play is just as powerful

Matches their 50 Dime Winners on the Chiefs in the Super Bowl,
the 49ers in the NFC Championship game
and the Packers in the NFC Divisional Round

Matches their 50 Dimer on LSU in the National Championship Game

26-11 Roll with MLB 50 Dimers
and this play is just as powerful

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Saturday Promo # 6

3rd Ever 100 Dimer in College
- SAVE $65 -

Kirby Maxwell - Winning Day # 28 of 44

$10 bettors up $3,220 the past 43 days

3rd Ever
- 100 DIME -
College Football Lock of his Career 

Army at Cincinnati - Kicks at 3:30 Eastern

MATCHES his 100 Dimer two Saturday's ago on
Louisville over Western Kentucky

TWICE as strong as three Saturday's ago 50 Dimer on
Army 42-0 over Middle Tennessee State

8-3 Roll with NBA 100 Dimers
- and this play is just as strong - 

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