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1 NBA Prop Play for Friday

Backed by my In-Depth Analysis

This prop involves

Dallas' Dereck Lively

25 Dimes on the Table

- Winning Day 39 of 65 (and 8 of 12) -
80-56(7-4 L/11) NBA Roll


Yesterday, we ended up missing on our play

Myles Turner just couldn't get it going offensively in the first half and played limited minutes due ot picking up 3 fouls. In the third quarter he found his groove scoring 8 points but he then got benched for the rest of the game due to the Pacers being blown out.


-40 DIMES - Indiana’s Myles Turner Over 16.5 Points (+110) 

Friday's Play:

I have 1 prop play and it involves Dallas' Dereck Lively

25 Dimes on the Table

- Winning Day 39 of 65 (and 8 of 12) -
80-56(7-4 L/11) NBA Roll

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Sean Michaels, Chuck O'Brien, Matt Rivers

Jack Brayman, Steve Budin

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David Jace's Rating System

I rate my Prop Releases on a 10- to 100-Dime scale. The word "dime" is simply a unit of measure that's been around in the gambling world for longer than I've been on this earth.

At the low end you'll find a 25-Dime release with plays escalating upward in 5-dime increments.

From there it's pretty easy to figure out that a 50-Dime release is twice as strong as a 25-Dime play, and so on and so forth.

At the end of the day, if I clear 47 Dime of Profit, that means a $10 bettor has netted $470.

Conversely, should I finish the day at -33 dimes, that would result in a $10 bettor losing $330.

Who Is David Jace?

I was drawn to prop betting initially because, at 18, I was too young to legally bet on game outcomes. But, as the years have past, I’ve stuck with props because of the sheer diversity they offer for each game.  

Standard sports betting is generally confined to a few options like the money line, spread, total, and alternate spread. In contrast, prop betting opens up a world of possibilities, with HUNDREDS of betting opportunities available for each game. The likelihood of finding an appealing line among the multitude of prop bets is considerably higher than with the traditional four betting options. This vast selection not only caters to a wider range of preferences but also enriches the overall betting experience.

What I do daily is narrow down those vast options to 3 or 4 props. That's right, I cull the hundreds of options available to what I consider the 3 or 4 best bets on the prop board. And, generally, these are props that are near even money or slight underdogs. You will NOT find ridiculous -180 favorites among my selections.